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Youngstown State University Football

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The Youngstown State University football team

The Youngstown State University football team is called the Penguins. They are a member of the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision and the Missouri Valley Conference. Founded in 1881, the university is located in Youngstown, Ohio. The Penguins play against teams from all over the country, including the University of Texas, Kansas City, and San Diego. The program was named after its founder, Fred S. Young.


The football team has won five conference championships in a row, including two outright and three shared. However, this team did not compete in the conference from 1978 to 1996. This is not surprising considering that Jim Tressel is currently the head coach of Ohio State. His success has earned him the title of the best college football coach in the nation. But, there’s still more to this story. The defending NCAA Division II champions are not a team to be reckoned with.


In the 1970s, Jim Tressel was the head coach of Youngstown State. He led the program from 1980 to 1984. Later, he became the head coach of Ohio State. Rey Dempsey’s success at Youngstown State helped the program join the NCAA Division II. In 1974, the Youngstown State team reached the Division II playoffs. In the Division II semifinals, the team lost 14-35 to Delaware. After a successful tenure at the school, Rey Dempsey went on to become the special teams coach of the Detroit Lions.


youngstown state football

Youngstown State Football Program

Dwight Beede left the Youngstown State football program after the 1972 season. He was replaced by Rey Dempsey, who went on to coach the school’s football team. In 1973, Youngstown State joined the NCAA Division II, and in 1974, the program qualified for the playoffs for the first time in school history. In 1977, they lost 14-35 to Delaware in their first playoff game. After winning the conference title, Rey Dempsey went on to become special teams coach for the Detroit Lions. He finished his three seasons at the university with a 12-8 record.


The Youngstown State football team has a dangerous quarterback. The Penguins will likely use read option plays to gain yards. Last week, they won their home opener against Incarnate Word. The Panthers’ defense was solid in all aspects. This game will be a test for all of their players, and the two teams will be competing for a National Championship. The Penguins have a good record. So, if you want to see it at its best, watch out for the upcoming game!


The first time they faced Ohio State, they won in the opening game of the season. After that, they were placed on probation for two years and were hit with recruiting sanctions by the NCAA. Fortunately, the program has won two of its last three games. In 2004, Youngstown State had a 4-0 record against Incarnate Word. Those games were close, but Youngstown State won, despite the sanctions.