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Winning Spirit by Cameron Diaz sister

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In this chapter we are going to be looking at the winning spirit by Cameron Diaz sister believe it or not, a winning spirit is a virtue which can be developed and honed. We are not reaching every goal we are setting.
You may be working hard and putting a lot of energy towards your target, but you still fail. There can be several reasons for your failure, lack of experience for example or mistakes on the way. Don’t forget that you can learn from a friend or colleague that is very successful, what are their keys to success? Here are a few areas to look at…


Focus under Pressure– the ability to focus under pressure, to stay calm, cool, and collected is a key characteristic of a winner. Outside pressure, time or people should not distract you from your goal. Competitions and races are fluid situations and strategies must be the same. Never give up even if it is not going the way you had planned it. Don’t be afraid to fail because a failure is only bad if you do not learn from it. To fail once does not matter at all, if you use your new knowledge and improve for the next time, step by step you are making yourself a winner!


Learn From Mistakes– here some reasons for you why you should never quit. You will need the data to learn from it. It is smarter to sit down and make an analysis after a project. Find out the reasons for your loss, but don’t make excuses! Examine carefully and adapt and modify the training to revise and strengthen weaknesses. Do not get discouraged but seek the right questions and answers.


Precision– a very important task for winning. Precision includes precise training, the best equipment, proper rest and recovery. The more you work on a precise performance and these variables, the more you will gain. Constantly aim for the right preparation, seek of information, equipment and tools, everything that makes your performance improve.


Goal setting– this basically means to set goals, but only reasonable and attainable goals. The best idea is to come up with performance-based goal versus an outcome-based one. A winner knows his or her capabilities. That is why it is important for you to seek to develop your capabilities to their maximum potential. A winner should not have expectations beyond what is learned and earned.


Training plan– random training leads to random results whereas specific training produces specific results. Sacrificing a lot of time doesn’t make you necessarily faster! Winners train with purpose and specificity. If you really want to become more organised in what you do, you need to define your limits and come up with a corresponding training plan. Use tests to regularly assess your progress. Record and track all your work data, making sure you put this all together for you to follow.

In the long run a winner is anyone who accepts the challenge of developing to their own true potential. Use this to your advantage guys.


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Personal development

So you have now matured at your work place however there is still much to learn possibly about yourself, you want to become the best possible employee as this will benefit yourself in the long run and your working life in general.

Our personal development is a topic all of us should work on throughout lifetime. It is important that we as employees mature as time goes on in order to grow as individuals. We have come up with twelve points that should help you achieve this whilst you are working.


Be on time– for all your appointments, whether it is a bigger meeting or a business lunch with a friend. It is not only common courtesy, it gives you respect and helps your business. If you tell the client the delivery will be brought at 10 a.m., make sure it will. Take breaks- breaks recharge your battery. Allow your mind to wander and you will feel less stressed. By the time you go back to work you will see you are more creative.
Learn from people around you- seek input from the group, and listen carefully to it. You will be surprised at the many new things you can learn. Don’t think you know everything already or don’t think you are smarter than everyone. Get involved- if you think you have no time to get involved in civic or charitable activities, you don’t know what you are missing. Personal satisfaction is the biggest reward, but you will also make a lot of valuable contacts.


Do your homework-you will do better if you are prepared, no matter if you make a proposal to a client or if you hold a meeting. Collect the facts, think the problem through and talk to the others involved. Take the time; you will fast see it’s worth it. It’s not how hard you work, it’s what you get done- make sure you focus on your results. Most people work hard. The success comes from accomplished results, not from the big effort.


Learn from others’ mistakes– there is no need to experience them yourself.
Focus your energies- focus on what is important to you and do that first. It is better to do a few things well before doing many things not well. Our time and energy is limited. Work on your weaknesses first- In any position you are in, there will be things you do well, some others okay, and some you don’t do so well. To improve yourself, and increase your value, work first to improve in the areas that are your weakest.


Dare to Dream– If you believe ‘it can’t be done’ you will hardly come up with new solutions. In order to move forward you should not be looking back. Don’t Limit Yourself- there are enough people trying to limit what you can do. Don’t be one of them. This is what differs a leader from a manager, leaders don’t limit themselves.
Anyone can steer the ship in calm waters- don’t relax just because things are going well. Use the time to plan ahead for the downturn. Your performance during tough times differs you from others in your career.

Okay now make sure that you try and understand these points, as they are great tips to grow your personality for the better, trust me!!