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What Does RFD Stand For?

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If you’re trying to learn about the meaning of RFD, you’ve come to the right place. RFD is an acronym for radio frequency detection, and it’s an acronym that’s widely used in the world of public safety. This term refers to the technology that tracks a person’s location and then alerts the appropriate emergency services. The Richmond Fire Department has been using the technology to speed travelers through land border entries since 1995. You can also learn about other acronyms in this article, or do a search on the site.


RFD Free Delivery

RFD stands for Rural Free Delivery, and this abbreviation is a part of the largest database of acronyms. To learn more about this acronym, see the image below. You can print the image file or share it via social media. In addition to being able to see what RFD means in English, you can download it as a png file. This image file is available for download and printing. You can send it to friends and family or share it on social media.


If you’re looking for more information about RFD, check out Wikipedia. The word is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary, but you can also find similar meanings on other sites. For example, if you’re looking for the definition of RFD in English, you can print the image file and send it through social media. However, you should never use RFD as an acronym to express your opinion. Just keep in mind that it’s a short-term solution for a problem.



The Acronym of RFD

The acronym RFD is part of the largest database of acronyms. Below you’ll find a simple definition of the word in English. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you can print it out, email it to friends, or post it on your social media page. Then, simply send it to your contacts to help them understand the meaning of RFD. Then, they’ll be able to recognize what it stands for and use it as an effective tool for communicating the word to others.


While the acronym RFD is not always easy to remember, it is an important part of the country’s postal system. In the United States, RFD is the postal service’s way of delivering mail to rural areas. It was established in 1896 by a US Representative, Thomas E. Watson. Initially, only eight rural routes were in operation. The service is still the largest and most expensive initiative in the country. It has been a great boon to our rural communities.


If you’re wondering what RFD means, you may be confused about the term’s meaning. If you’re unsure about its meaning, you can view the definition of RFD in English on Wikipedia. You can also use the image file in an email, or post it on social media to share information about RFD. And of course, you’ll never forget the acronym, but you should know what RFD stands for.