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What Are the Best Hospitals in Toronto?

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If you are considering a move to Toronto or the surrounding areas and have a specific health condition, you may have reason to want to know the best hospitals in the city. Similarly, if you have children, it is always good to know the nearest emergency room.

If you require specialists or have an upcoming surgery, you may also want to look into your hospital options in the Toronto area. There are so many reasons to familiarize yourself with the nearest high-quality hospitals, and here is an easy guide to the best hospitals in Toronto:

Toronto General Hospital

Toronto General Hospital is widely recognized as the best hospital in Toronto, and in fact, is considered amongst the best hospitals in all of Canada and even globally. It is the main hospital campus of the University Health Network and is considered one of the best teaching hospitals in Canada. It is a large hospital, with over 700 beds.

If your goal in living in Toronto is to be near the best hospitals that the province and country has to offer, you may want to look into real estate in Toronto near Toronto General Hospital, since it is so highly regarded.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, also referred to as Sunnybrook Hospital, is another large hospital in Toronto with over 500 beds. It is also an academic hospital. Sunnybrook is known for its large trauma center, and it is actually the largest trauma center in the entire county.

If you live in Toronto, it would be a benefit to know that a nearby hospital has a large, well-equipped trauma center. Even surrounding areas would benefit from such a substantial trauma center in such an excellent hospital.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital is part of the Sinai Health System, and is the system’s main hospital. With just over 300 beds, Mount Sinai is significantly smaller than Toronto General and Sunnybrook. However, the small size can lend to more personalized care.

If you are seeking to live near a smaller hospital, consider the area around Mount Sinai. While care is exceptional among all of the listed hospitals, sometimes personal preference calls for a smaller hospital setting.

North York General Hospital

North York General Hospital is another hospital in Toronto that is smaller than Toronto General and Sunnybrook. With over 300 beds, it is similar in size to Mount Sinai Hospital. North York General Hospital is a sort of regional hospital, with a main service area of North York, as well as some of southern York.

If you live in the North York region or in southern York, North York Hospital provides exceptional care to residents. The added bonus is that this regional hospital is also on the smaller side.

If you live in Toronto or are planning a move in the near future, there is no shortage of exceptional hospitals providing quality care. From large academic hospitals to smaller regional hospitals, the health care system in Toronto is very diverse.    

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