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Web designing has emerged to become one of the most promising careers today. Web designing is at the heart of IT industry and forms a very significant and integral part of the industry. And this is article about Web Designer Carrer by Ariel Helwani wife.

All the sectors whether industries, business, education and public or private sector have applied Web services. These applied Web services include:

  • analysis  client requirements
  • Solution designing
  • Web content writing
  • Web content planning
  • Product photography
  • Graphic designing
  • Designing Flash
  • HTML coding and Java scripting

If you have a flair for creativity then a career in web designing may just be the right option for you.

Skills required for becoming a Web Designer:

  • A certificate program in Web Designing.
  • Good knowledge of designing graphics and layout.
  • Should be visually artistic.
  • Should know colour theory and work of art.
  • Should have a degree in visual arts and visual design.
  • Should have a flair for creating a design flow.
  • A degree in computer science can be an added advantage.


Scope for Web Designing Careers in India:

As the IT industry in India is still booming, web designing for sure has a wide scope in coming years.
Every company these days have a website and for creation of this websites they believe and trust in only the best i.e. they want skilled and well qualified web designers to do this job for them.


Various fields which offer opportunities to a web designer to showcase his talent and skill are:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Publishing
  • Audio-Visual Media
  • Design Studios
  • Printers and Typesetters
  • Manufacturers
  • Department Stores
  • Marketing firms
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Educational institutes and libraries.

The growth rate of an individual though is determined only by his/her experience and creativity.
Even though so many fields are open for web designer, the industry that tops the list for absorbing maximum web designers is undoubtedly the IT industry.


Business Analyst Career | Business Analyst Career in India

A Business Analyst is a person who comes up with solutions to an organization’s problems. To accomplish this task, business analyst analyzes the operations system and the design of the organization.

In the world of information technology or IT sector as we call, the business analysts are required to analyze the business model of the organization so as to be able to determine how it integrates with the technology. The idea behind it is to determine the business needs and objectives of the organization, and then further-on work on improving the effectiveness of IT to meet these needs and objectives.


Educational Requirements:

As we understand the work profile of a business analyst, it shows that there are no specific criteria for the requirements. Though some companies prefer to hire people with strong business background who have industry knowledge and analytical experience to support them; other organizations prefer people with strong technical background or some education in Computer Science.


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Basic Skills Required:

Most of the skills mentioned below are soft skills but they become more important for liaison roles like business development. You’ll find some of these skills mentioned regularly in job posting for Business Analysts. The skills required are:

  • Experience in preparing business requirements.
  • Should be comfortable in working with use cases, business process modeling or data modeling, or preparing use-case or sequence diagrams.
  • Project Management skills (certification is a plus).
  • Knowledge and experience in a particular industry is preferred.
  • Should have analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Technical know how of the system being analyzed and how it can affect the various business units.
  • Should be good at handling and meeting deadlines.
  • Should be able to Multi-task with a sense and the ability to balance multiple priorities while keeping up with project scope changes from time to time.
  • Should be able to work well with both internal and external clients.
  • Must have good presentation skills.
  • Should be able to communicate with various audiences, including end users, managers, and members of the IT team.
  • Must be a Self-starter with strong leadership skills so as to be able to take charge of or facilitate requirement-gathering sessions.
  • Should pay strong attention to detail the organizational skills.
  • Should be a quick learner who is easily able to learn new products, systems, applications and technologies.



Software Testing Career | Software Testing Career Scope in India

Most people confuse between a software tester and a software developer even though the profile of a tester and developer are very different.

Of all the total software development market, testing is accountable for almost 30% market share. The global market for testing is a $13 billion industry as estimated.

The industry is blooming with a fast pace and with the introduction of third party for Ariel Helwani wife software testing in the industry; the main issues of concern are the quality needs and trained manpower.

Earlier development and testing were very closely related but in the last few years software testing has evolved as an independent career. Also there is remarkable difference between the profile of that of a tester and a developer. The industry still has lot of growth potential as testing is becoming prominent thus helping in the development of software testing as an established career in the coming years.


Testing Market in India:

The estimated size of testing market in India is Rs 150-200 crore. Also if the statistics are to be believed the Indian testing market is growing at much faster rate than the global average rate of growth. In the next one year Indian software testing market is estimated to produce 16000-18000 job vacancies.


Following are some of the reasons why Indian software testing market will bloom in the coming years:

  • Abundant availability of software testers and use of automated tools by them.
  • The Indian software testing companies are capable of offering testing services at just a fraction of the cost that is incurred in other parts of the world.
  • Good quality of the deliverables.
  • The turnaround time for delivery.


The Demand and Supply situation:

In India, due to the paucity of professional testers the demand is higher as compared to the supply. Thus supply is not really at par with the demand for testers and testing services. Also the lack of awareness among people not only in India but abroad too, about testing as a career.

There is no way one can compare Software testing to software development both are entirely different from each other thus one should not be considered an alternative for other under any circumstances. Professional training is required to be a software tester but it starts with an individual’s realization that it’s a separate career path.


Training in software testing:

The Professional training required to kick-start your career as a software tester includes the concepts used to test different hardware configurations, processes, to learn the use of testing tools and other test enablers, how to work with test management software, defect tracking tools, etc., before you think of working on a live testing project.


Roles and responsibilities of a trainee:

  • Test case writing for different projects;
  • Learning the art of peer-to-peer review;
  • Capturing review defects;
  • Process adherence;
  • Getting trained on different products and maintaining test environments;
  • Training on automated tools;
  • Getting trained on at least one language for performing White box testing.