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TV Station Based in Salisbury

WBOC is a television station based in Salisbury, Maryland, and operates primarily in the Television Broadcasting Stations industry. The company has been in business for 56 years and generates $28.8 million in revenue each year. It employs approximately 100 people in its headquarters, as well as 130 at other locations. The station is owned by Time Warner Inc. and has a budget of $25 million. For additional information, visit wboc.tv.


WBOC-LD is not to be confused with its full-power sister station, WBOC-TV. Located in Cambridge, Maryland, WBOC – LD is a low-power Telemundo affiliate. The station is owned by Draper Holdings Business Trust, which also owns two Salisbury-licensed stations and five radio stations. WBOC-LD and WBOC-TV share studios with the WRDE station in Milton, Delaware.


As of April 2015, WBOC began airing programming on its own subchannels. In April and May of this year, the company acquired WSJZ-LD and WRDE-LD. These two stations will be co-owned by Time Warner, which plans to sell the former to Fox. The new subchannel was launched on December 2019. The new station is known as WBOC Classics. Its current frequency is 89.7.



What Market Is Wboc?

The WBOC network started operating in July 1954. Its radio counterpart was launched in 1940. WBOC-TV is the fourth-oldest television station in Maryland and the only one outside of Baltimore. It is the oldest station in Maryland on the UHF band. The station was originally an affiliate of the DuMont Television Network, but later picked up secondary affiliations with NBC and ABC. It primarily aired local programming and featured news and weather from the region.


In April 2019, WBOC started airing analog cable TV programming. This was followed by a transition to digital subchannels, with a new name and logo. The channel was rebranded as WBOC Classics. The new channel is now a part of the Fox network. WBOC is a cable television affiliate. It is a non-commercial broadcast network. There are no commercials. It is owned by Draper.


WBOC-TV has been a part of the television industry in Massachusetts since 1926. The station has been the flagship for the city. In September of 2009, WBOC started broadcasting on channel 61. In December of the same year, it also started airing on channel 42. It is a popular cable TV channel in Boston. However, it is not a major network. It is owned by Draper Holdings, a company that owns WBOC-TV.


In October 2016, WBOC-TV started broadcasting on UHF channel 32. The station uses Fox 21 branding and is available on Dish Network and DirecTV in a five-county area. The station is also available on local cable systems in the area. It is a major cable television station in the area. WBOC-TV serves the surrounding areas in Maryland and Delaware. If you are in this area, you can watch Fox21 Delmarva on local cable systems.