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welcome back.

This will be a short post. Unfortunately, the antenna and the wifi card are not enough…. your own server is a useful toolwith linux or windows. On this server it is worth installing the ssh server, which will be useful in many moments. And how to do it??? Well, there are many roads here. In my case, I used home servers for storing photos and videos as a server. I redirected the ports in the modem to this server and thanks to this I can connect to it from the outside. What did it get me ??? Example … I have just found an open network where viewing pages is a nightmare, due to the fact that the ISP blocks most pages with e.g. newspapers. in this case, it configures itself a program called putty to connect to my server and to be a “proxy”. What does it mean?? this means that it transmits all requests for websites through my server, not the internet provider’s device. In short: we have circumvented its locks. Google search passwords: putty d9090,

If we were able to configure the servers and set putty to be our proxy, then we also need to set the browser to ask through our proxy. Google will also help and passwords: firefox socket 5, opera 12.50 socket. Of course, on a Windows machine we can also set up an ssh server, I think it is called openssh.

such remarks: set the ssh server on the high port, eg: 55555, open port 55555 on the modem / router for the ssh server. In the putty configuration, of course, select port 55555, look for the tunnel option and select the dynamic option, enter 9090 in the window and click on add. in a browser such as firefox, enter the settings, look for the network options and select socks 5 there, enter socks host and port 9090. If these points are met, we have unlimited access to the website, and our tour of the net is encrypted, i.e. we can log in safely, for example, to a bank. There are routers on the market on which the “tomato” software can be installed. With tomato, we do not need a server, because tomato has what we need built-in. just tomato, this is Linux based software. The tomato configuration will then only be based on opening the port for ssh to be visible from the outside. a very nice router is the netgear 3500l, or the old linksys wrt54gl. it is worth visiting the Polish forum about tomato and reading about routers. cool routers are the new linksys, but which one to choose, go to the openlinksys forum. If we cannot use another router, we can always connect the router to what we have. Then our additional router will act as a server, but the power consumption will be around 10 watts. we can always connect the router to what we have. Then our additional router will act as a server, but the power consumption will be around 10 watts. we can always connect the router to what we have. Then our additional router will act as a server, but the power consumption will be around 10 watts.

That’s it. Maybe without order and composition, but some time short, the ship leaves soon, and if someone who can install windows is reading it, he will be able to cope with this “tool”


hehe, sometimes i think i’m writing, this is just for myself :)greetings from mexico with a shit called Altamira

gas carriers

cash ok, but forget about the free net :), a good modem remains and I hope that someone will come with cards 🙂

such a relaxing entry 🙂

I recommend mifi modems, it’s such a cosik with built-in wifi. WithYou can always get it out of the cabin somewhere with double windows and stuff 🙂

Internet in China and other strange places without restrictions

Hey, it’s me again. I will write something for myself:)

China is a great massacre. Great wall, that’s what their firewall is called, it tries to block everything. It turns out that everything is already illegal there. Vpn connection, browsing popularpages, and even somewhere that skype is also under the microscope. Generally, when using a proxy, we are caught after some time, but vpn is basically splashed in a few seconds. Mail is also blocked. Luckily, the SSH service is still untouched. And with her, we can use the internet normally, even in China.

The kit we need is:

– server with SSH access. Own or purchased, for example: for PLN 10 / month.

-putty -program about which I already wrote. before we connect and make a tunnel…. D9090

small update: putty somehow limits speed strangely. Better speeds are achieved on Bitvise SSH Client or MobaXterm. the configuration is the same, only you need to find a little bit of research. In bitvise I had to disable use trusted LSP providers only. Otherwise, he did not want to connect. these are free versions. With paid proxycap …

-proxifier – program to redirect everything to our tunnel.

The set works perfectly. I have no problems with banned sites, I am not afraid that the Chinese government will collect all my passwords.

To work.

We connect to our server with the putty program. SSH uses port 22. I use ports over 50,000. So let’s start configuring. Search in the settings tree putty -> SSH-> tunnels and enter the source port 9090 in the window and select Dynamic. We go back to session, where we enter the server address / name and save the sessions under our own name. We can click OPEN now. Connected? Okay:)

Proxifier. Cool applet and easy to configure. Click on such a bluish computer under the inscription file. The proxy servers window will appear. We put on add and enter in address, port 9090. then choose protocol Socks5. Click OK. and that will be all:)


open Browser, select the address . the result should be the ip address of the ssh server. and that means freedom. Of course, we can check our address before launching the proxy. It should be … Chinese.


we make a shortcut to putty on the desktop so as not to mess with typing passwords etc.

C: \ download \ putty.exe -load sessionname -l username -pw ourpassword

in the proxifier configuration we set putty to bind to our target, that is to say, to the SSH server. Thanks to this, when we crash the ssh session, we do not have to turn off the proxy to be able to restart the SSH session.

Hope everything is clear… ..good luck

  1. Such little remarks. Chinols block the ip addresses to which we will try to connect via VPN. I advise you not to try if we have a fixed ip address, because we will not get to this server anymore. With a variable IP, it is enough to wait for a new ip, or force its change in some other way. Forbidden sites: we are blocked for a while, nothing more dangerous is happening.

Softether and firewall / proxy bypass. Korea.

Another success. Quite a painful exit to the world. Blocked everything except port 80 and 443. Mail cannot be checked. SH is not working. Softether came to the rescueserver linux, client windows and server windows. Terrible terrible package. The configuration should be here on the blog: /

in short: server on linux. manager for the server on windows, client also from windows. It took me a while to configure, but the effect was that the locks fell again. the trick is to connect to a VPN on port 443. And to think I did it for CHina