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Tips For Finding a Job by Aliza Barber

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Why You are Still Unemployed?

Many people can’t find an appropriate job for them but they might have stopped and asked themselves “why can’t I find a job?” It might have happened because of today’s economy and job market; both are not looking good at this point of time. The job applicants are more then the open positions. That is the main reason why you can’t find a job. You can try to turn your luck here by keeping some important points in mind by Aliza Barber.


Searching in the Wrong Places:

When you start finding job, you think there may be many places from where you can find a good job. You look in your local newspaper, on search career websites; attend job fairs, and many more. If you decide to invest in a desktop job finder that searches thousands of websites for you at once with one search, you want to try all of these methods. Take for instance, you only looked in your local newspaper; you may miss many open positions. Whereas many companies still post their list of hiring in the local newspapers. Therefore, you wanted to look in all the correct places, although there are a lot of them.


Not Looking Often Enough:

As we, all know that there are many job applicants and not many jobs; it becomes more significant that a rapid response is crucial to your success. Once the job list has been posted on the website within 48 hours HR managers, get sufficient resumes to schedule more interviews than they actually require. They don’t wait for a week to schedule those interviews. That is the basic reason why job seeker surfs the net multiple times a day in order to ensure that his resume reaches to different companies on time.


Having a Weak Resume:

A resume is extremely essential to find a job. Therefore, if the candidate is not using a resume at all and just using the list of qualifications in some finicky order, then you are making a huge mistake. However, you must have a good resume, as an okay resume will not work enough. It has to be easy, should have a professional touch, and must highlight your abilities in a proper way. Mainly the resume ought to come out in such a way that it portrays that you are the right candidate for the job.


Applying for Wrong Jobs:

In the previous years, hiring managers has seen an arrival in the number of resumes they get. Whereas there has been increase in the amount of resumes they get from unqualified candidates. Its wastage of your time or theirs by applying for jobs you aren’t qualified for. By doing this your chance of getting an interview call becomes very less. You can go for some close calls after you attain an experience of five years and they wanted seven, but before doing this use your best judgement.

I hope with  the help of above tips you can find out a good job for yourself, go and grab the best one for you 🙂


Useful Tips For Finding a Job

Many people think searching a job is difficult task as it requires a lot of dedication as well as you stress your self so much that you end up getting depressed. Finding a job in any field is difficult whether it is in creative field or any other constructive field. Below are some tips that will help you in finding your dream job.


Aliza Barber

Understand your value

You are only hired in a company on the basis of your efficiency and the profit that you can bring to that organization. Many job seekers underestimate themselves and their inner talents when they are unable to find a job. If you are not able to convince the recruiter that why they should hire you, then there’s no point in hiring you.


Prepare yourself for the interview

Before going for an interview you should be well prepared in advance about how you helped your previous company in bringing profits. In many professions it is not at all easy to bring prior evidence about your job; in order to get rid of this one should try all these helpful tips.

Always keep a track of your previous work experiences as it helps you in communicating with different people the kind of skills you have and the kind of work your have done earlier. To impress an employer tell him that you can also work beyond your job description as it will help in getting higher salary.


Best Job seeking advice of all time

The best job searching advice is to maintain networks. The best way for finding out job openings is to get in contact with friends, family or relatives. Try to ask them about the openings in their companies, if you are unable to gather any relevant information then try to join any sports club or an organization. These places are considered to be good for developing new contacts.

As we all know that slowly and steadily the economy is recovering, jobs are increasing. You don’t need to be depressed if you are not able to find a job or you are being rejected many a times, just keep the spirit high as the recruiter will only take one minute to say yes after seeing your potential.


How to Answer That Tricky “Tell Me about Yourself” Question

Nobody has ever thought that “Tell me about yourself” Question can become so very tricky. This question sounds very easy but when you have to answer this it become the most annoying question that you want to answer. As you can’t tell a lie & at the same time it should be quite impressive to hear. Nearly all job interviewers ask this tricky question and by following these few tips you can get prepared to answer this question.


Tips for answering ”tell me about yourself” question:

  • Never answer this question by telling the interviewer about your personal life as he will not be interested in it, except if it is related to your job. The motive behind asking this question must be to see your reaction as it annoys many people.
  • Always be prepared for this question. Try rehearsing it in front of your family and friends in order to get some more relevant points. Arrange all the points reasonably. Add or delete the details as required. Prepare your statement specifying the company’s and the job for which you are applying.
  • Compile all your previous work experiences, education qualification you have and it should not exceed to more than 2minutes. You should also be prepared with an answer to why do you want to make a career change. At the same time, you should also be prepared with an answer to why do you think that you are the right candidate for this job.

I hope the above tips by Aliza Barber will help you to answer the ”Tell me about yourself”  question effectively.