The Ignite INDEX

Having launched the first publicly available version of the Ignite RATINGS platform at the end of Q3 2018, Ignite’s users (“the HIVE”) busied themselves with rating and reviewing digital assets and, in the process, generating the world’s first conflict-free, crowd-sourced ratings scores for those assets. The HIVE is rewarded for its efforts by sharing any gains made by the Ignite INDEX when taking positions in only the most highly-rated assets – linking ratings to real-world asset performance.

The initial purpose of this article was to provide a quick reference guide as to the current state-of-play and composition of the Ignite INDEX. However, since the launch of our integrated Index page, this information is now contained on the Ignite RATINGS platform itself. Come and register as a user, or have a look round using our guest account login.

If you like the idea of potentially monetising your ICO/STO/crypto research, and want to join an awesome online community of like-minded individuals, come and join the HIVE!

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