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TED-Ed As an Excellent Teaching Tool

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The Ted Ed YouTube channel features short, animated videos about interesting topics. These videos are produced in collaboration with teachers and animators. Most TED-Ed lessons are available in English. To enhance the quality of the videos, TED works with educators to refine the lesson and assign the tasks to a talented animator. TED-Ed offers captions and an Interactive Transcript for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.


TED-Ed’s videos are short and incredibly engaging. They are created by top experts, and are linked to further resources and discussions. Some of the best videos are even interactive, and can be shared with other students using Google Classroom. These videos are perfect for teachers and students of all levels. TED-Ed has over 2.6 billion views and 14 million subscribers. Moreover, teachers can also share the videos with their classrooms via Google Classroom.


Ted Ed

Teaching Tool

Teachers and students can use the TED-Ed videos as a teaching tool. The online platform allows teachers to create interactive lessons by incorporating TED-Ed videos and audios. The videos provide ample resources for teachers to make their lesson plans interactive and interesting. Unlike a traditional textbook, TED-Ed allows educators to use TED videos for teaching purposes. The educational potential of TED-Ed is based on the videos.


TED-Ed videos are short, award-winning educational videos. These videos are designed to engage students in difficult topics, such as mathematics, science, and history. TED-Ed lessons are made by educators, animators, and journalists. There are more than two million educators worldwide who make use of the TED-Ed platform. The lessons can be shared with students or broadcast publicly, and teachers can also track the impact of each video on a class or individual student.


TED-Ed is a video channel that creates short educational videos for students. The TED-Ed team engages with the narrator and animator throughout the process. With an animated video, students can learn difficult topics and become inspired. TED-Ed has more than 250,000 teachers around the world, and the site serves millions of students every week. This platform is an excellent resource for educators and is a great tool to engage students and inspire them.


Ted Ed originals videos feature inspiring messages from leading experts. These videos are short and engaging, and are designed to make even the most complex subjects interesting for students. Moreover, the videos are easy to share with other teachers and students, and they can be used as a reference resource for new material. They are also available in English. These free resources are available on the TED-Ed YouTube channel. The content is widely available on YouTube.


TED-Ed also provides resources for educators.

In addition to videos, the website provides a curriculum and other resources. It also lets educators create their own lessons, based on the videos they’ve found. For example, students can create and use their own animated tutorials for a course in coding, or write their own stories. The TED-Ed YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers. It has hundreds of videos, and has more than a billion views.