Listing on Ignite RATINGS

Thank you for your interest in listing your project on the Ignite RATINGS platform – what an excellent idea! The benefits your project will receive by listing with us include:

– A FREE interactive asset listing page on the Ignite RATINGS platform that you control. Yes, you read that right, no catch here, it is completely free to publish a listing for your asset on Ignite;

– A dynamic, real-time rating that you have not had to pay for – generated, not by Ignite, but by the “HIVE”, Ignite’s savvy community of crypto investors. We believe that Ignite’s conflict-free, incorruptible, crowd-sourced ratings are the most relevant and most impartial that any project can receive;

– Exposure to a pool of potential investors for your project. Every member of the HIVE is a potential investor;

– Exposure to the Ignite INDEX. If your project generates a sufficiently high rating, not only will it attract the interest of our community, but it will also receive an investment from the Ignite INDEX, Ignite’s own investment vehicle; and

– Awareness. Those projects joining the Ignite platform are offered the opportunity to airdrop tokens to IGNT holders to help grow awareness for their project, as well as create pools for contributions from IGNT holders.

Listing Requirements

You can register for an account and create your asset listing as soon as you have finished reading this article but, in order to publish your listing, you will need to register and verify an Ethereum wallet that holds 150,000 IGNX tokens. These tokens are yours and you may do with them as you please, but in order to maintain your listing you must maintain your IGNX holding — it’s that simple. You may purchase IGNX on either Liquid (ETH, BTC or QASH) or IDEX (ETH), but be sure to hold them in a wallet you control, as you will be required to verify ownership of the wallet via an instantly refunded ETH micro-transaction. For help with verifying your wallet, please watch the below video:



Generating a Rating

Generating ratings is entirely in the hands of our community, so you should endeavour to make sure that your project and listing attract attention and stand out — we do not tell our community which projects they should, or should not, be reviewing. That being said, we are able to offer projects prominence boosts which encourage our community to rate and review boosted projects, thus accelerating how quickly a rating is generated. Should you wish to boost your project’s listing on the Ignite RATINGS platform, simply hit the big blue “PROMOTE MY LISTING” button from within your Account section, and we will take it from there:

To create your listing, visit the Ignite RATINGS platform and register an account as a product owner. We hope to see you on there!

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