IGNX Trading on Liquid.com

It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce that our tradable token, IGNX, is now igniteratings.com/live/ on Liquid.com; and so begins, we hope, a beautiful friendship…

First announced as a Qryptos listing back in June, we deemed it prudent to delay IGNX’s appearance on Quoine’s crypto-only exchange due to both the imminent arrival of Liquid.com (and the innovative features that the new exchange brought with it) and our desire to explore, together with Quoine the ways in which we might be able to work together for the benefit of the ICO and crypto industries. Further, we were busy putting the finishing touches to the first public release of the Ignite RATINGS platform over the summer and coinciding our release with listings and further partnership announcements simply made sense for all concerned.

So, IGNX is now listed on one of the most forward-thinking and promising exchanges in the world, initially with direct ETH, BTC and QASH pairings, and with fiat pairings to come.

What’s next? We’ve made no secret of the fact, and many others second-guessed, that we have been deep in conversation with Quoine about numerous things over and above a simple listing - bespoke referral and trading incentive schemes, cross-marketing opportunities, and how we can work together to leverage each other’s platforms and capabilities.

It is no secret that Quoine is passionate about ICOs, and the phenomenal fundraising opportunity they represent for promising projects  –  it is this passion that gave birth to ICO Mission Control on Qryptos, now on Liquid. The Liquid ICO Market is a high-profile launchpad for projects wishing to run their token sales under the watchful eye of a regulated and compliant exchange.

The access to the exchange userbase alone is massively invaluable for early stage projects (trust me, we’ve been there…). From Quoine’s perspective though, providing a launchpad also creates a risk; that of association and endorsement. This is where we believe Ignite RATINGS can help.

From the moment we started talking, Quoine loved the Ignite RATINGS concept and our mission to thrust “investment intelligence” back into the hands of those who matter most: the traders parting with their hard-earned crypto in support of these mighty unicorns, whatever their motives might be. I was fortunate enough, very early on in discussions, to find myself speaking with Seth Melamed, Quoine’s Global Head of Operations, about the Ignite project, what it is we were looking to achieve and how we saw ourselves achieving it.

Naturally, conversation drifted to ICO Mission Control and, in listening to Seth, both his enthusiasm and frustration for the current state of the ICO industry were apparent; and, what is more, his views and ideas as to where the industry should be headed almost perfectly mirrored my own.

The synergistic value that could be created by Ignite and Quoine working together in this space was immediately apparent, I believe, to the both us, and we are now exploring how we can take this further after the listing.

As many already appreciate, Ignite’s ratings scores are not simply a one-shot, pre-ICO deal (as are the majority of “ratings” currently available) – they are persistent and fluid and ever-changing. They track a project’s progress and reflect their successes; we truly believe in the value that can be added to a project by working with the market, not swimming against it. We believe, as does Quoine, in professionalising and improving the space.

I am excited by the prospects in front of us, and I hope that you are too.



Having completed its fundraise in February 2018, Ignite has done anything but stand still and bemoan the bear market. Instead, it has pressed on with the rapid development of the Ignite RATINGS platform, which broke cover publicly on 30 September 2018, right on schedule.

Ignite RATINGS is the world’s first truly decentralised investment intelligence and ratings platform, powered entirely by the wisdom of the crowd, courtesy of Ignite’s swarm theory AI, the “HIVE”. Further, the platform leverages the power of reputation and influence that exists within the crowd to create an incorruptible and self-policing environment that is free from baseless “shilling” and hype; ensuring that those that have deserved and earned a voice are heard much more loudly than those that have not.

Ignite’s ratings are generated by the crowd, whose incentive is inextricably linked to the accuracy of their opinions. This is achieved by Ignite taking a financial position in any asset that receives a sufficiently high rating from its community, and sharing any trading gains from these positions with those individuals that partook in the ratings process. Thus ensuring that all interests are aligned  –  no ratings can be bought, opinion cannot be swayed; real world performance and validation is all that matters to the HIVE… working together, as one, individuals are able to ensure benefit for all.

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