Ignite RATINGS: INDEX Integration

Ignite INDEX

For those that missed the release (which, thus far has been very quietly kept to our Telegram channel), I am pleased to introduce you to the brand new, shiny Ignite INDEX page — fully integrated into the Ignite RATINGS platform.

Not only does the new INDEX functionality permit our users to review, in almost real-time, the current state-of-play of the Ignite INDEX, including its relative value, open positions etc. but, more importantly, it also permits eligible users to express their sentiment as to whether or not INDEX positions should be closed…thus generating rewards!

To be eligible to receive rewards for an open position, a user must have accumulated “SWAY” on an asset rating prior to the position being taken — essentially, this means that they must have participated in the ratings process for an asset by leaving a rating of their own for that specific asset. As discussed in previous articles, “SWAY” is a representation of the influence on a rating that a user enjoys due to their reputation within the wider Ignite ecosystem.

If you are already a registered user of the Ignite RATINGS platform that might have been hibernating your way through the “crypto winter”, log on and see if you might be eligible for rewards on any of the INDEX’s open positions. If you’re not, make sure to submit a rating or two while you’re there to ensure that you are eligible for any relevant positions we might open.

If you are not a member of the Ignite RATINGS community, please join us — you can even earn your first IGNT by leaving a rating which earns you sufficient reputation. If you just want to have a look around, we also have guest login details for you to use. Remember though, it can pay to play!

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