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Ignite RATINGS  –  LIVE Platform Launch

We’ve come a long, long way together…

…and we still have a journey ahead of us, but at least we’re on the road and heading in the right direction. I am very proud to announce that the first publicly-available iteration of the Ignite RATINGS platform is now live and open to all IGNT holders!

This is a huge milestone for the Ignite project and one that has been achieved on schedule, with more features than anticipated making the initial release candidate, and despite the adversity that is a horribly bearish market and widespread apathy from across the industry. At the end of the day, Ignite is a bootstrapped start-up, with a very small team and limited resources that, in my opinion, continues to punch well above its weight and demonstrate to others within the space what, exactly, is achievable. Anyway, enough of my doting and boastful pride, let’s welcome Ignite RATINGS…

Ignite Platform mobile experience

Ignite RATINGS has been built from the ground up to provide an awesome mobile experience.

What is Ignite RATINGS?

For those that are new to the Ignite project (welcome!), Ignite RATINGS is the world’s first decentralised investment intelligence and ratings platform for digital assets, powered entirely by crowd-sourced opinion. Incorruptible, conflict free, anonymous and self-regulating.

First, Ignite RATINGS is a community (albeit one that embraces anonymity…more on that in a follow-up article); second, Ignite RATINGS is a place where you are incentivised to share your thoughts, feelings, research and opinions on both established cryptocurrencies and exciting start-ups in the digital asset space. When you do so, you operate as part of what we like to call the “HIVE”, Ignite’s swarm theory powered AI that represents the collective consciousness of our contributors. The HIVE’s output is filtered by our proprietary REPUTATION Engine and RATINGS Engine to generate a real-time, dynamically shifting asset rating, which is able to react to, and reflect, crowd sentiment in near real-time — something which, to the best of our knowledge, simply has not been seen in this space before.

Get paid to play…

Incentivisation on the Ignite RATINGS platform takes two forms:

– Reputation… is earned as you interact with the Ignite RATINGS platform, and as your interactions are, themselves, reviewed and rated by your peers — the higher quality, more valuable your submissions, the more your reputation will grow. With reputation comes influence; a more reputable user being able to assert more influence on an asset rating and, potentially, earn greater Rewards; and

– Rewards… are monetary in nature, and are generated thanks to Ignite’s unique, conflict-free incentive mechanism. Ignite rewards those users contributing to the ratings process by taking a financial position in every asset that surpasses a predetermined ratings threshold — these positions are taken by, and held in, the Ignite INDEX. When the HIVE elects to close a gaining position, Ignite shares 50% of the gain amongst those users that contributed to the rating, according to the influence that they exerted on the overall asset rating (referred to as “Sway”) and, to a lesser extent, the amount of IGNT they hold. An additional 30% of any gain is added to the deployable capital base of the Ignite INDEX, promoting continued growth.

Digital assets and crypto are just the tip of the iceberg for the Ignite technology. As we continue to develop Ignite, we are actively exploring alternative uses for the underlying technologies — including the rating of traditional assets, pre-IPO opportunities, even crowd-sourced sports prediction.

Join the HIVE…

For a short while, you will be able to visit and kick the tyres of the Ignite RATINGS platform via a guest account, but this will not allow you to interact with the platform in any meaningful way; for that, you need to be a holder of the Ignite platform token, IGNT.

IGNT is one side of a dual token pairing that, together, make up the IGNITE “token”; the other is IGNX, IGNT’s exchange tradable sister token. IGNX can be readily bought and sold on IDEX and, in the very near future, QUOINE`s new LIQUID platform, and then converted to IGNT at a fixed rate of 100:1 — instructions for the conversion can be found here. Although, physically, two separate ERC20 tokens, we view each as part of the same whole; both tokens play very different, and very important, roles within the wider Ignite ecosystem. For further information on the dual token system, please see this article.

List with us…

Ignite represents a unique opportunity for projects to, not only, expose themselves to the investment potential of the Ignite INDEX and showcase their products to a community of potential contributors (over 2,000 people hold IGNT), but to evolve, develop and improve themselves based on the feedback from, and interaction with, the HIVE; striving for a meaningful crowd-sourced rating that is earned, and not paid for.

Listing your project on the Ignite RATINGS platform is FREE, you merely need to hold IGNT (amount TBC). You will receive complete control over the information presented on your project’s page, you will be able to publicly interact with those community members that are rating and reviewing your project. In time, asset-level chat functionality, integrated with Telegram, will provide a more informal way to provide project updates, news, share recipes, chat about the weather etc. We anticipate, and hope, that projects will lean towards Ignite RATINGS as their go-to outlet for information and community interaction.

We anticipate Project Control being release-ready in the next 4 to 6 weeks, but we are already accepting expressions of interest from those projects interested in the type and level of exposure, and credibility, that an Ignite RATINGS listing and rating can bring. To start the conversation, please reach out to me on Telegram: @IgniteDamon, or email listing@igniteratings.com.

Check out Ignite RATINGS now. Join the discussion on our official Telegram channel.

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