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A career is something, which is your own responsibility and no one else can take it away from you. Career is something, which starts the moment you land a job to the day you retire from work. Every promotion, pay hike, incentive, you get within this passage of time is because of your hard work. This is article by Josemith Bermudes. A few steps that can help you chart out a perfect career include:


1. Never Say Never to Knowledge

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the world is ever evolving and continues to change with the passage of every second. The passing of every minute provides a person with a lot of new ways to conduct business. Choosing a career is a tough task. However, everyone selects a job profile that best suits them and they know they’re capable of carrying out with spectacular detail.

Though you might have the apt skills for a job profile, make sure that you regularly learn new skills to further help in your career over a long period of time.


2. Observe, Learn and Listen

A wise man once said that a good listener can learn a lot. It is always best to hear out your boss, colleagues and seniors at work. Apart from providing you with some knowledgeable information, it will also help in improving your relationship with them. Though, make sure communication is not one-sided. Always be ready to ask your superiors about things at work and how to go about different tasks. A lot of superiors at work always love to play tutor to someone or the other. Apart from that, it always helps in improving your relationship with colleagues.


3. Play a Dedicated Role Towards your Current Job Profile

It might sound meek, but if you work hard at your current job profile, it might go a long way in cobbling a rewarding career path for you. There are a very few distinct things that separate a successful person from the not so successful ones. It is all about completing all your responsibilities in the exact amount of time. It also happens to be the most ideal way to give your career a jet start. It is always wise to suggest new ways of working and communicating with your superiors regarding anything you can help with.


4. Networking is the Word

In today’s time, networking happens to be the most important thing for a lot of people. It might come as a surprise to a layman, but it has been stated that 50% of job offers are a result of socializing with other people. A good network can go a long way in helping achieve a successful career ladder. It is always advisable to attain new contacts, while keeping in touch with the previous ones.

The best way to stay in touch with people is to wish them on occasions, remember their birthday and keeping asking how are they doing?


5. Understand your Current Role

It has been seen quite often that we end up assuming a lot of things. It is not advisable to think that a certain job might require a certain thing. The best way to clarify your role at work is by confirming it with your superiors and asking them what they expect from you, rather than just thinking about what they might want. It will come as a surprise to you on many occasions when you’d find that your boss might be expecting something in complete contrast to what you’ve had thought.

These are a few tips by Josemith Bermudes that can help you in achieving more at your work. Though, they’re some simple steps, they’re a sure-shot way to a great career ahead.


Josemith Bermudes

8 Attitudes of Success

ful Workers

Many people don’t have to struggle too much to reach the top hierarchy, as some get stuck in the middle. A lot of people think that these people have a lot of inner talents, brains and bundle of contacts but this is not true, as there is one more thing that is most important is the right attitude.

Right attitude can bring a lot of change in you as well as in your career as it doesn’t needs to know from where you have come and how much inborn talent you have. However, you can try these following 8 attitudes to be a successful worker:


I am in charge of my destiny.

No one can spend their entire career simply waiting for some good opportunity to come into their way, as many people just grab what comes in their way. Always try to think about your career in a bit different way as you are the only in charge of making or breaking your career.


Anything is possible.

Don’t ever think that you can’t reach the top level of your company, as this attitude will never let you reach there. One should always keep the spirits high as it will always encourage you to reach the top level as well as to work as harder as you can.


Everyone is a potential key contact.

It is not necessary to be aggressive at your work place; you can be calm and composed which will help you to maintaining your rapport in the office. You should be courteous towards the people who are under you as this nature might help you in the future to reach the top level.


I was made to do this job… and the one above me.

Many people do not get their dream job due to which their performances suffer as they always have the guilt of not doing what they always wanted to do. Whereas, many successful workers pretend as if this was the only job which they always wanted to do, no matter how much they criticize behind their back.


It’s not just what I know, but who I know.

Many people know the. One should always maintain its professional contacts by inviting your colleagues, friends for lunch or dinners to maintain the networks as you never know who might help you in near future.


What else can I do?

You are the whole some in charge of your destiny, so it is your duty to look for some of the extra ways which can improve your professional efficiency. You should work for some extra hours in order to gain more professional knowledge which might help you in learning some additional things. Successful workers don’t leave the office after finishing their work they are always in the search for some more work which helps them in establishing themselves.


Failure will help pave the way to my success.

Though many people in no way experience defeat, whereas the biggest truth is everybody fails at some point of time. Lot of us knows how successful and unsuccessful people handle their failures. Person who finds success are the ones who have learned from their mistakes.


Always look for new opportunities.

At times, you will be happy with the kind of status you have but don’t forget that successful people never close their eyes and ears, as they are always in the search for good opportunities which changes their career direction, as you never know which opportunity comes and knock at your door.