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Here’s What’s Included in Your All Marketing Content Membership by Shalena Lopez

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We have put together a package stuffed full of top-quality content that people are searching for online every day. Let’s take a look at everything you get each month as an All Marketing Content by Shalena Lopez member:


30 New Private Label Articles

These articles have been written specifically to target people looking to market and improve their businesses. This is completely original content that cannot be found on any other PLR membership sites.


Articles will vary from month to month, but can cover topics including: website traffic, motivation, setting goals, article marketing, publicity, copywriting and more.  If it’s of interest to business owners, we will provide you with the articles on those topics…and we always value your input on what kinds of articles we should be providing.


The articles can be used on your website, your blog, in your newsletter or anywhere else you publish content. You can offer them as product bonuses, include them in ecourses or ebooks. The possibilities are endless. Of course, you are welcome to modify and rewrite them to make the most of them.


And Here’s Some Valuable Extras

  • BONUS! 10 Product Profiles/Reviews Each Month: Give Your Readers Information about the Products They Want to Buy

Each month, we provide you with 10 product profiles of marketing and business-related products that can be purchased online. Profiles will include product features, benefits and reviews will include opinions on the products.


The product profiles will vary each month, but can cover everything including: autoresponders, web-building tools, web hosts, ebooks, courses and more.  We’ll also give you information on where to sign up for affiliate programs to promote these products where applicable.


In addition, as a valued All Marketing Content member, if you have a marketing-related product that you would like us to review, you’ll be able to submit it for priority consideration.

Post these product profiles on your blog or website along with an affiliate link to the actual product and/or add some Google ads.


  • BONUS! 10 Invaluable “How to Sheets” Each Month: Your Readers Will Love You for the Step-by-Step Guidance You Provide ThemThese “How to Sheets” will show your readers how to perform various tasks in their online and offline businesses. You’ll get 10 new sheets each month on a variety of topics like, “How to Redirect a Link”, “How to Set Up a Digital Download”, “How to Register Your Business” and more.


These are a great opportunity to make your own product recommendations to help your readers to complete the various tasks.

  • BONUS! Suggested Business-Related Affiliate Programs: Maximize Your Income with Appropriate Product Recommendations for Your Content

Not sure what products to promote with all this content? Hunting down products to promote is an important part of monetizing your articles, but it definitely takes a bit of time.

We’ve done the research for you and have included a list of relevant products. Just click the link, sign up for the affiliate program and you’re ready to go.


  • BONUS! A 7-10 Page Business-Related Special Report Each Month: Give it As a Gift, Add it to a Product or Build Your Mailing List

You also receive a 7-10 page report (in rich text format, so that you can modify, add to it or take away from it as you wish) on a business-related topic. You can use this report as a completely free giveaway, add it to an existing information product, offer it as a bonus or use it to build your mailing list.


  • BONUS! Resources to Help You Make the Most of Private Label Content: If you’re new to PLR content, we’ve included resources to help you effectively use any PLR content you use for your business.
    • Creative ideas for using PLR content – and it’s not just posting articles on your website. You can grow your list, establish your expertise and even make more money.
    • Step-by-step search engine guide and video to help you generate a steady stream of free search engine traffic.
  • BONUS!A 42-page A to Z Guide to Internet Terms: Completely customizable and yours to use as you see fit.


Help your clients, readers and potential customers as they surf the unknown terminology of the Internet. This guide has detailed
of definitions on a wide variety of terms from Adsense to Adwords all the way to Web 2.0 and Wiki.

Add it as a bonus to a product, give it away to your customers or
subscribers…you decide. Add your own product promotions or use it to build your list. It’s completely up to you.


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But Don’t Forget About This Great Bonus…

…Instant Access to Our Private
Members-Only Forum

Join us a member and you’ll receive your log-in to our exclusive private forum where you can share strategies and ask questions about using private label content, generating website traffic, selling our product, affiliate marketing & more.

You’ll have completely free access for as long as you remain a member.


That’s 50 pieces of unique content, helpful resources plus members-only forum access each and every month. Sure, you can see the value is BIG, but what about the price?

We think you’ll be presently surprised by the  incredibly value-packed price of of only $24.97 per month. That’s less than you’d pay a quality ghostwriter to writer to write one or two decent articles for you. And even at this great price price, we want to assure you that…

You Have Nothing To Lose With Our Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If that sounds good to you, let’s get started. In just a few moments, you’ll have instant access to plenty of content to help you tap into the huge home business and internet marketing market.

Yes!  Alice and Mila. I want to start receiving Top-Quality Private Label Content each month.

Provide me with instant access to All Marketing Content, THE limited membership PLR site for content marketing to those who want to build a profitable long-term business.

I understand that each month, I will receive access to original Private Label Content that includes:

  • 30 Monthly Articles – Original high-quality content appealing to the interest to business owners.
  • 10 Monthly Product Profiles – Detailed information on products that I can share with my readers and add my affiliate link to.
  • 10 Monthly “How to Sheets” – Step-by-step instructions for my readers on how to perform various business tasks.
  • 1 Monthly 7-10 Page Report – Expand it, chop it up and brand it with your business name and product promotions.
  • Making the Most of Your PLR Content – I’ll receive plenty of suggestions for using PLR content and quickly and easily optimizing it for free search engine traffic.
  • Suggested Marketing-Related Affiliate Programs – There’s no shortage of business related affiliate programs and I’ll receive more suggestions each month.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Forum Access – Free…as long as I remain a member.


All for the value-packed introductory membership price of  $24.97- but I’m only guaranteed that price if I sign up today.

I also understand that if I join now, I will ALWAYS be guaranteed the low $24.97 price as long as I remain a member. Should I decide to leave and come back at a later date, I understand that I will only be allowed re-entry if there is space in the membership and will have to pay the current membership rate at that time…no exceptions.

We look forward to sharing all this great content with you and watching your online business grow.