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Promotion is an area we all think about whilst we are working for a company, you may want more money and a better position or just a better salary. Whatever you want if it is a promotion then we have a few guidelines on what Harminder Kaur involves…

The important things to remember when thinking about promotion is to make sure that you are ready for it, you are doing it for the right reasons, you can handle even more responsibility. When you think of promotion you automatically think of money, but there is a lot more to this than money as a promotion really may involve you to take on more responsibility. This could result to longer hours at work perhaps, more work which could eventually result in more stress, you do not want to go down this path.


You need to know the real reason you may want it, perhaps to grow, for some different responsibility. You should decide where you may want to be in the next two years from now and whether it is the same company or not you see yourself working for, if so then a promotion may be on your mind at one stage. Talking to your boss about your ambitions can prove beneficial to you as you will find out for yourself the ladder you may be climbing in your career. Keep a good relationship with your manager whenever discussing your future in the company as this will help when the time comes for you to ask for a promotion.

Internal networking is a key to many doors, others can widen your knowledge in their departments, letting you know what is going on. This way you can keep informed on any positions which may be available to you, as you are an internal staff member you will be the favoured candidate to get the job. Spreading the word in various departments within the company that you are working in a certain are and letting them know what projects is a good method of networking.


Demonstrate you are a great employee and your chances of promotion will increase. Promotions are statistically more abundant in expanding rather than declining industries. If you have a choice, a significant decision is if you’re better positioned for future recognition by accepting a “line” position with its advantage of hard-core experience in profitability, or a “staff” position which offers a company overview and a range of future choice openings.

Choose your perch! Since it’s easier to move a proven employee along than go through the work of hiring from the outside, bosses are inclined to take the simple way. So once you’re inside an organization, you can often move up by merely being there and showing evidence that you’re the perfect employee to promote.


Fight for what you know and believe to be right. Live with your team and your spirit. Set your goals and those of your team high, you will accomplish more than setting them low. Never forget to be practical with your objectives, there is a very thin line between “vision” and “hallucination”. Discipline is the soul of an organisation. But don’t make it to a burden-Excellence and the pursuit of it should be a passion.


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Asking for a Promotion

So you know all about promotion and you feel that you may deserve one or want to know about asking for one, well in this chapter we have provided you with guidelines on how to ask for a promotion.

Remember that getting promoted does not automatically include a pay rise. It can mean a whole lot of more responsibility on your shoulders. That is why you should only ask for a promotion if you have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve. Your personal ideas should also fit into the companies profile. These idea should serve as your main selling points when you are speaking to your boss. Prepare a good method. Make a small strategy before telling your manager about your ideas. Why? Since your boss is interested in filling gaps and in benefit of the company, you need to know what to say and know how to sell yourself. Here are some examples and tips for you to get promoted successfully!


Before you start to talk about a promotion, reflect on anything you can do to improve your current work performance. Having done the extra work will boost your chances. Have you been going that extra mile to get tasks done or doing more than what is expected from you? If so then you may be ready to take a step further.

The next step is to create a plan, write down your skills and show illustrate how they would benefit the company. Your employer knows about your skills already, show him or her that you have more to give. Turn your extra skills into a benefit for your boss, show that you hold and offer more values! With that plan in your mind you may be walking around for days but there shouldn’t be no rush.


More important is to wait for the right moment to ‘snatch’ your boss. This can be in a social circle like during lunchtime or at the pub after work and you can take the possibility and then mention your promotion informally then. The perfect moment would be at a performance appraisal, if there is one coming up. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss if he or she has been has been happy with your work.

Go on to say that you would like to move on to a more challenging role as you feel your skills are put to better use. Highlight all your selling points and relate them to how they can benefit the company. Now, at this stage you should have found out if there are any suitable positions advertised in the company. If so, ask your boss to recommend you for that position.


If at first you don’t succeed then do not worry about it. There may be several reasons your boss may say no. Stay realistic! One possibility is that you may not have been with the company long enough or at that moment the budget is too short for your project. Despite the “No” do not hesitate to accomplish some extra work. Take the chance to show your eagerness to progress within the company. It impresses your boss and will be remembered which will be great for the next time you may ask for a promotion.

I hope you have enjoyed the chapters Harminder Kaur have recommended for you in this Starter Course Pack, remember we also have a Managers Course and an Entrepreneur Course for anyone.