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We often read stories in the newspaper about bad things happening to others. However, there are other positive news stories that we should keep in our minds. One example of such news is a website called Good News Network. This website only publishes positive news stories. This can be helpful if we are struggling to find something good to read. Besides, we should be grateful for the positive things that we have in our lives. If we are unhappy with the state of the world, this site will help us cope with this situation.


The Happy News Website

The Happy News is a quarterly newspaper written by Emily Coxhead. The website launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign. You can subscribe to this publication to keep up with the latest good news in the world. This publication has a diverse range of articles and is organized by month. Each issue is focused on a different theme, and you can subscribe to receive it in the mail each month. You can browse through the stories, read them online, and share them with your friends and family.


The Good News Network is another organization that publishes good news stories. This website, based in the UK, has a section for positive news stories around the world. The network has been online since 1997 and publishes stories about many different topics. The Goodnews Network is a nonprofit news site, which publishes stories on a variety of topics. The GoodNews Network also has a Spanish-language section. Its founder, Geri Weis-Corbley, is responsible for this website, which is a great resource for people interested in positive news in the world.


Another good news source is Positive News. This UK-based organization publishes stories on various topics. It also has a section dedicated to global positive news. Similarly, the GoodNews Network has been operating since 1997 and has archived over 21,000 positive news stories. The founder of this site, Emily Coxhead, is a writer who has a passion for good and happy news. The network aims to balance the two contrasting values and remain profitable.


Good News

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Good News Network is a great resource for positive news around the world. It has a large audience, with more than 16.8 million members and a community of 50,000 members. They are a great source for the latest positive news stories in the world. It is also worth checking out a number of other websites. You can also subscribe to The Happynews magazine, which is a quarterly publication written by Emily Coxhead. The publication is available as a subscription, but there are no ads on the site.


The Happy News is an online magazine that has an archive of over 21,000 positive news stories. The GoodNews is published quarterly, and it is available for purchase on a subscription basis. The website organizes its news items by month. Its themes are all related to happiness. The newsletter is available in both English and Spanish. There are also podcasts in Spanish. Some of the best publications for positive news are not-for-profit but run by passionate entrepreneurs.