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This article explains the differences between a freelancer and a Sundance Technologies offshore employee, illustrating to you the advantages and disadvantages between the two.

Freelance Hiring is Faster

Usually hiring a freelancer takes less time than hiring an offshore employee. This is because unlike a freelancer, a Sundance Technologies offshore employee is screened and evaluated before their resume is submitted to you, a process that could take approximate 1 to 2 weeks.

Professionalism and the Offshore Employee

Since a Sundance Technologies Offshore Employee, unlike a freelancer works from our office at Sundance Technologies and is supervised by our managers, your offshore employee is required to be responsible for their work, therefore you can be assured that your offshore employee would maintain a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

A freelancer can become complacent and that may pose a problem for you since you would have less control over your freelance employee to ensure efficient and timely completion of your work.

Prioritising Your Work

Freelancers usually work on several short term projects over a period of time and this puts them in the position to prioritise their work according to the most benefit to them. So if you outsource your work to a freelance employee, you cannot be sure that your freelance employee will make your work a priority and give dedicated time to completing your work.

A Sundance Technologies offshore employee on the other hand, works for you on a full time, long term basis; therefore your work will come first. A Sundance Technologies offshore employee makes your work their priority.

Cost efficiency

Both freelancers and offshore employees can save you a considerable amount of money. However, it is more cost effective to hire a Sundance Technologies offshore employee because in the long run, when you hire an offshore employee, you will be hiring a dedicated long term staff focussed on your work and working in practically what is an extension of your own office here in India.

A freelancer on the other hand works for you for a certain amount of time and you may have to share that time with other businesses.


Screening Employees

The high level of screening your Sundance Technologies offshore employee goes through ensures you hire only the best possible candidate. At the beginning all potential candidates are evaluated through a telephone interview. Only after a favourable telephone interview are candidates called in for a one-on-one interview with our Sundance Technologies HR team.

Afterwards, potential candidates are asked to come in for another round of technical evaluation with experts of their relevant fields. It is only after all of these levels of evaluation are cleared will the candidates’ resumes be submitted to the client. The client is then free to evaluate candidates before hiring.

This screening process enables Sundance Technologies and the client to filter through numerous candidates and resumes to select the most suitable candidate who fulfils all the requirements of the job. With a freelancer however, clients have to depend mostly on reviews of previous clients who have worked with the freelancer which can be an unreliable reference source.

Infrastructure, Hardware and Equipment

Power cuts and inefficient internet connections are regular hurdles faced by developing countries, added to this is the unpredictability of a freelancer which can lead to overall inefficiency. However working with a Sundance Technologies offshore employee will eliminate the unpredictability of these circumstances since we offer a high standard of service which ensures unhindered supply of electricity and internet which will allow your employee to work without interruptions.

Coordination and Collaboration

Coordination and collaboration between Sundance Technologies offshore employees and the client offers the client many more advantages than when working with a freelancer.

Firstly your Sundance Technologies offshore employee would have better infrastructure and equipment at their disposal allowing you to interact and work with the employee more efficiently. Also, the offshore employee is a full-time dedicated employee who would be available to work with you whenever you need, while a freelancer may be working with various clients simultaneously and may be unavailable to collaborate and work with you when needed.

Your Intellectual Property

Since Sundance Technologies offshore employees have a legally binding contract with us which stipulates that all work produced by the employee is the property of the client, you can be assured that your intellectual property in this regard is guaranteed. However this cannot be guaranteed when working with a freelancer, since there are no binding legal obligations safeguarding your intellectual property.

Protecting Your Data

Again, the Sundance Technologies offshore employee is bounded by a legal contract with us, which stipulates that we are responsible for the protection of the client’s data. We also include a Non-Disclosure Agreement in our contract with the employee, and we are also prepared to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client.


However, with a freelancer there is no binding legal obligation to protect your information.

Finally, although both Sundance Technologies offshore employees and freelancers can both fulfil the needs of various clients, freelancers are best employed to work on short time projects, whereas the Sundance Technologies offshore employee’s services is on a long term, full time basis.

The Sundance Technologies offshore employee does have an advantage in the areas of professionalism, efficiency and accountability; extremely important elements required to make the outsourcing process successful.

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Sundance Technologies India Private Limited is a company based in Chennai, India, for the past 10 years and specialising in Virtual Outsourcing and Web Based sector.

As a growing company we were basically where you are, so we understand the challenges of finding qualified and dedicated employees, while ensuring the smooth management and growth of your business. The extensive knowledge and experience we have acquired throughout the years in the fields of Customer Service, Search Engine Optimisation, Administration, Web designing and Web development, has enabled and encouraged us to provide our services to help you outsource your business by finding dedicated and qualified employees, costing considerably less than they would in your home country, who will invaluably allow your business to grow efficiently in today’s fast-track economic world.

We, just like your offshore employees are dedicated to making your business a success, so not only will you save time, but you will save money as well; money which can be further used to grow other parts of your business. Our off-shore employees work directly with you, except they will be located here at our office in India, while we provide the infrastructure, equipment and guidance needed to get the job done. Our service bridges the physical distance between you and your off-shore employees so your business runs seamlessly.