First Traditional Stock Ratings Platform to Launch on IGNITE

Towards the end of our ICO we announced the launch of the Ignite Catalyst incubator, this project was launched primarily to help synergistic blockchain based startups to leverage the Ignite platform and successfully launch an ICO.
We are proud to announce that this project is already starting to generate results and we are excited to now reveal the first ICO to be launched on the Ignite platform.

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During the Ignite ICO we announced a partnership with PTN, which is a fund and trading platform that facilitates trading of non-listed shares in some of the hottest pre-IPO companies like Spotify, Dropbox, Airbnb and many others. For several months we have worked with PTN to leverage Ignite in order to launch a pre-IPO ratings and associated index fund. The result of this collaboration is Cornucopia.

We are proud to announce that Ignite will be launching a Cornucopia cell on the Ignite platform, and that Cornucopia token holders will be able to rate, review and receive rewards from profitable IPO investments. This is an excellent way for those in crypto to gain exposure to a USD/EURO based product without leaving the crypto ecosystem.

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With impressive results like the 40% pop in dropbox shares recently, this is a super exciting way to generate returns which are uncorrelated to crypto.

To raise capital for the project Cornucopia will be launching a crowd sale in the coming days.

Cornucopia aims to raise 20M USD, 80% of which will go into the Cornucopia index, with a maximum of 3M will remain for operations, development and marketing of the product. The cornucopia team has decades of experience in investment banking.

The Cornucopia token will provide access to the Cornucopia private platform on Ignite.

Ignite will be providing our IGNT token holders with early stage access to the Cornucopia ICO.

More details on this opportunity will be provided, shortly but the meantime, Cornucopia have set up a telegram group and invite you all to join and ask your questions to the Cornucopia team directly.


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