Ignite Ratings platform FAQ

You can access the platform by clicking HERE, or on the Register/Log In button at the top of the page.

No, you do not! You can register an account without verifying that you hold IGNT by simply skipping the verification step. What is more, you can earn your first IGNT on the platform itself by rating an asset and starting to build your reputation.

We also provide a guest account for those that simply want to have a look around – the guest account credentials are available on the PLATFORM LOG IN page.

For now, you must purchase IGNT’s exchange tradable sister token, IGNX, from either IDEX or LIQUID, and then convert your IGNX to IGNT, following the instructions available HERE. At the present time, there is no minimum amount of IGNT required to access the platform, although this will be changing in the future.

This is simply to prove that you have control of any wallet that you link to your account – the addresses of wallets holding IGNT are publicly available. The verification process will request a micro amount of ETH to be sent to our verification contract; the exact amount must be sent and will be instantly refunded to your wallet as part of the same transaction. Make sure not to overspend on gas by checking the current recommended gas prices at ETHGasStation.info prior to verifying your wallet.

For a step-by-step walk through of how to verify an IGNT-holding wallet, please watch the video below…

Yes. You can edit your password, wallets, and contact information in the “Personal Information” section located under the “Account” tab on the Ignite RATINGS platform.

It is not necessary, at this stage, to complete any KYC to access and use the Ignite RATINGS platform. We have built in provision for a KYC system should future partnerships, projects or regulation require it.

Technically, yes; however, our reputation engine is designed to reward those accounts with the greatest activity and quality of participation. Your reputation will be diluted if you work across multiple accounts, meaning that you will not be able to exert the maximum amount of influence on asset ratings and content reviews, and that your reward earning potential will be detrimentally affected. You can, however, add multiple IGNT-holding wallets to a single account, watch the video below for a step-by-step walk-through of how to do so…

Currently, no. You must first convert your IGNX to IGNT with our CONVERSION TOOL before registering an account.

In the near future, it will be possible to register an account without needing to hold IGNT, and you will even be able to earn your first IGNT on the Ignite RATINGS platform itself.

For a step-by-step walk through of how to convert IGNX to IGNT, please watch the below video…

Anyone may access the Ignite RATINGS platform via our guest account, but this is limited in functionality and will not permit meaningful interaction with the platform. All ratings generated will be made publicly available, initially via our guest account.

Your reputation determines how much influence you have within the Ignite RATINGS ecosystem. Influence is important in determining how much impact you have when rating an asset and/or reviewing another user’s asset rating or rating review.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Ignite Reputation ENGINE…

Reputation is earned by participating in meaningful interaction on the platform that others find valuable. To start to build your reputation, you should leave a rating for an asset that you have researched and formed an opinion on – you will earn reputation from other users reviewing your rating.

We encourage users to read through existing ratings and to leave a review on, at least, one other user’s rating before submitting your own. Duplicate submissions can often receive low review scores for no other reason than being duplicate.

To learn more about building reputation, watch the below video guide…

In the real world (do you remember that?!), reputation is affected by your interaction with your surroundings and the people that you meet – it is the same within the Ignite ecosystem. Providing high quality, well researched submissions and opinions to the Ignite RATINGS platform is likely to increase your reputation, while poor quality submissions will have the opposite effect. Similarly, acting in good faith and maintaining civility is likely to help you retain, if not increase, your reputation; while bad actors will likely see their reputation suffer, due to the self-regulating nature of the Ignite community.

To learn more about building reputation, watch the below video guide…

Reputation is calculated with reference to the reputation of those that are reviewing your submissions. A more reputable user will affect your reputation more than a user with lesser reputation.

To learn more about building reputation, watch the below video guide…

Simply put, Sway is the amount of influence you are exerting on an asset rating at any given moment in time. Sway is calculated with reference to your current reputation and how much the relevance of your submissions has been seen to decay (see below).

Opinions can, and do, change for a number of reasons. We ask that you provide a guesstimate of the period of time that you believe you will hold your stated opinions for. In turn, this is used to calculate the relevance “decay” that your submission experiences – which means the rate at which the impact of your submission reduces, as its relevance decreases. We ask our users to consider their validity periods carefully; a long validity period may detrimentally affect your reputation if circumstances change and others no longer deem your submission to be accurate, or relevant.

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