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Cristina Invernizzi Career Attitude

So you are just about to finish University or have already graduated and are looking for a “real” job now… well don’t fear, because we have constructed some great guidelines to assist you in your search for a new job.

Remember to keep yourself positive at all times whist you are applying for jobs as you may get stressed out from not getting many responses. Just remember that it is an on-going progress when you are trying to get a job, finding a company that matches your strengths and goals can be hard work. This is why you must always stay positive when you are applying for jobs, as most companies get many hundreds of applications from others who are also in your position hence the competition is immense.


As mentioned above looking for a job and getting a job may be a long process but that shouldn’t stop you from applying to other jobs. There are many part-time, voluntary and temporary jobs which you can be apply to whilst you are waiting for a “real” job. Whatever path you take employers would much rather see that you are working somewhere than nowhere…perhaps you can get a part-time job for weekends for instance.

Getting a temporary or voluntary job in the field you wish to get into is the best way forward. Working unpaid (voluntary) shows your future employer that you are still willing to learn and work hard (for free) in-order to get the job you want to get into, remember experience is the key!!


The more commercial experience you have the better as far as employers are concerned. Just look at it as if you are trying to get into a football team; the manager is not going to let you play the big game unless he/she sees that you have been training first and are in shape…this is the case for the working world as well. Getting experience through temporary or voluntary work shows that you have taken the first steps in climbing the ladder to get to your goal!!


As mentioned earlier keeping positive is crucial as there may be many times you may have low esteem making you feel depressed, this attitude will not help matters one bit. Keeping positive is the way forward, keeping yourself busy and active at all times is a good tool in doing this. If you are unemployed then do not let this be an issue, you should be telling yourself mentally that you are employed as your job is…. “Getting a job,” it may sound funny but it makes sense. Looking for a job is a job in its own right, as there may be many application forms to fill out, interviews, editing of Cristina Invernizzi  CV’s and so on, enough to keep you busy for sure.

Alright now you have the right attitude towards getting your desired job we can move on, in the next chapter we will be working on the ‘resume’ the biggest marketing tool there is in-order to get a job…


Cristina Invernizzi

SEC – Free International Business Career Course – Curriculam Vitae

Best Curriculam Vitae

In the last chapter we discussed ways to keep positive and active whilst looking for a job. Now this has been covered we are moving on to the most important tool for getting a job the ‘resume’.

Think of the Cristina Invernizzi CV or the resume as a marketing tool, as it is the first thing an employer has to define you from others. It should highlight everything, from your personal details to your work experience as well as your academic background and other acheivements you have gained in your life. For this reason it is easy to understand why your CV is so important, think of it as a marketing tool, as you are marketing yourself to employers.


Just think of a company and how they distinguish their brand from others, it is these things which make the consumers prefer one brand over another, now just imagine yourself as the company. Distinguishing your CV from anothers is important as your potential employer may receive over 100 CV’s a week, therefore he/she could easily just skip past yours because it may not appeal to them.

Using the example of the “sizzle” will help you understand this more clearly, imagine ordering a hamburger to your table which looks fine. You are just about to eat your hamburger when the waiter brings another hamburger for the person next to you and you notice a sparkling noise like a “sizzle”. Although the hamburgers are the same the “sizzle” creates attention and for some reason you want the other hamburger more than your own…


Using this example you can understand why employers may choose one candidate over another, they may all have similar academic backgrounds and acheivements but it’s those with the “sizzle” or a “sparkle” which may catch their eye.

“You are a star already but sparkle and you will be seen more easily amongst the stars”

So how do you make your CV better than others, simple sell yourself. Sure you have listed the required things needed to complete the resume but it’s the way you market it which is going to make it sell.


Layout is very important when doing your CV make sure that it is easy to read and the everythings is spaced well, stick to 2 pages maximum!! Try listing key points, using different font style and making important words stand out. A good way to do this is to use bullet points, highlighting your key strengths which enables more focus on your benefits when glancing at your resume, its great because its easy for employers to see them at one quick glance.


When an employer receives your CV he/she needs to feel positive about you which is why your career objectives and personal statement should be accurate summarizing your personal values, goals and objectives.

Remember, the moment an employer receives your resume, he/she has never seen or heard about before, they only have your CV. That is why your career objectives should provide a significance statement summarizing your key strengths and career objectives.