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In these days of increased competition, credit unions recognize that they need to stand out in order to attract and retain satisfied customers. Part of keeping customers happy is getting them the information they need, when they need it. 

This Credit Union (CU) knows this firsthand. It has implemented the document management Software that allows quick access to check copies, loan paperwork, bank deposits, member receipts, signature cards and other documents that are vital to the company. Not only does This software help make customers happy, it leads to increased employee efficiency. 

Consider a typical scenario most credit unions experience. A member writes a check to a vendor, and the vendor brings it into the credit union and wants to cash it right away. But first, the employee must compare the signature on the check against the member’s signature card. 

So the credit union employee walks into a back room, searches through the files for the member’s signature card, and walks back to the window to match the signature on the check to the signature on the card. This process can take several minutes, time that the employee could better spend with the member. 

But now, instead of taking minutes, this process takes just seconds. Thanks to This software, CU employees simply pull up the signature card on their desktop computers and compare the two, and the employee and the member each quickly go about their next item of business. 

“We’re very happy with it,” says CEO Stephen Nutt. “The main benefit to us is ease of usage and time savings in terms of productivity.” 

Since 1999, CU employees have been scanning documents into the This software repository. So far they’ve scanned close to 40 gigabytes of signature cards, corporate checks, loan applications, internal documents such as corporate minutes, and more. 

And let’s face it – checks do get lost in the mail. Sooner or later credit unions will face a situation where a member’s deposit is lost in transit. In the past, CU customers would have to wait until the credit union could track down the data, a process that could take days. Now, the credit union can call up a copy of the deposited check within seconds. 

Along with time savings, CU saves on storage space. Instead of expanding their storage space, as most credit unions have to do, the storage space is shrinking, freeing valuable space for other uses. 

This software wasn’t the only solution This person looked at, but he found it was the best. He says it is extremely affordable, and that made sure he was happy with This software. “They aren’t just there to sell you a product,” This person says. “They’re also there to support you. We got almost immediate support, and we love that aspect of it.” 


Surfing For Credits – doches credit union

There are many Start page surf for credits programs but they all have a major weakness in common, which is,” low quality website views”. For the past two years I have joined at least twelve Start page surfing programs and during that time, surfed for 1,000s of credits, resulting in little or no success for the sale of my own website products and services.

My research into Start page surf program has resulted in comparing website page views, with sending out emails. My research has indicated that emails attract a click thru percentage rate of up to 4% – this means for every 25 emails sent out you should achieve on average, one click thru. Therefore 1,000 emails sent out equals a click thru total of 40 – Emails can be purchased for $1 per 1,000, which is $00.001 each – 10,000 would cost you $10. This gives you an idea of comparison between sending out emails and surfing website for credit. 

This comparison indicates that sending out 25 emails is equal to, one page view because a start page surfer views any particular website in the same way as he/she would if they opened and read an email. Comparison, between emails and start page website views, indicates that start page website views should be far superior and produce many more sales. However, they don’t produce any more sales and I can understand why.

It’s a know fact that, providing a person has received an email at least eight times, promoting the same product, he/she is less likely to respond to the product or service on offer. Comparing this with start page website views, a person that’s views a website eight time, he/she should create, far superior results.

The problem of cheaters is continuously being dealt with, but cheating cannot be eliminated completely. There are two groups of start page surfers – the first group are those that pay for other members to view their websites. The other group are those that view website, to earn credits, to have their own websites viewed. 

The average honest surfer knows that there are problems with these start page surf programs or they wouldn’t jump from one start page program to another, they all have features that make it easy to surf. 

I’m now going to list criteria to improve the value of Start page website views: 

[1] Members should only be allowed to surf website categories, they have interest in.

[2] Members should only be allowed to view websites, eight times. Any further viewing should be websites they haven’t viewed before. 

[3] Members should be paid in cash or website viewing credits i.e. 1,000 website credit could be paid the following way, 25% paid in cash and 75% paid in credits, with a minimum payment of $5 – payable via PayPal, when the surfer has achieved, 1,000 credits.

If you want a true record of visitors to your website with surf for credit programs. The simplest way to achieving that is to attach an ENTER page to your website before listing with a surf for credits program, then when a visitor clicks ENTER it will record on your hit counter as a genuine Visitor to your website. As an example, paste the following URL into your browser and you will see what I mean by an ENTER page:

Joseph Robert Neil James resides in Warwickshire, England and is an author, husband, father, grand-father, and Great-Grand-Father Having spent many years in the “Direct Mail Advertising” business, whilst living with his wife and four children in Australia – Joseph is now retired and enjoys making money on the Internet.