Beta Launch Announcement

10 days to go before Ignite Ratings launches its Beta Crypto ratings platform!

Ignite Ratings is more than proud to announce that in the 2 months from the completion of our ICO, we are almost ready to launch our Beta asset ratings platform. Closed at first, with a quick roll out in the few weeks following launch.

Beta Launch date: 1st May 2018

This announcement will discuss what to expect from the Beta, who can access at launch stage and help us test, what to expect post-launch, and our dev progression so far.


We have gone from Alpha prototype in January:

To Beta launch in March. Here are some Beta teasers that show the huge advancements made by our development team:

Beta Showcase Desktop
Beta Showcase Mobile


The developers have provided a list of features that will be available for our Beta launch (as of todays date – subject to more being available from 1st May). High level, minimum features to be expected. More to follow post launch.

  • – Sign in and registration flow –  what is involved in registering on the platform (including confirmation of your wallet holding Ignite)
  • – Your account section – recent activity, assets you are rating, your reputation score ( constantly updating), top 3 crypto assets you are participating in, top 3 ICOs participating in, top 3 reviews you complete on the platform, rate and review other Hive member submissions
  • – Platform – review ICOs (Platform will be pre – populated with ICOs currently running (shortly following launch, we will enable submission of ICOs yourself or by 3rd parties)
  • – Charting (minimal on launch)



We have designed a fair way to give our Hive members as early as possible access to our platform, whilst assisting scalability of the Beta roll out.

First off – We invite you to register your interest by completing the Google form found here at this link:

Conditions for Beta Access:

  • – You must register your interest; and
  • – You must own a minimum of 500 IGNT to be considered for Beta access.


Who will be chosen for Beta Access:

  • – 50 Hive members will be selected for Beta access in the first week.
  • – We are targeting further access for 50 more users in week 2, 50 more in week 3, and 100 more in week 4. Public Beta will follow shortly after.
  • – User limits are in place to ensure proper consideration of bug reports, and to manage the roll out in an organised and logical fashion.



  • – Chatbox on each ICO/Crypto asset and other social features, including an on platform forum.
  • – Advanced charting implementation.
  • – ICO submission box for Hive members and third parties.

And so much more!


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