Benefits of the IGNT Token

IGNT Token

IGNT is a utility token. It is the means by which a member of the Ignite community may validate his/her Ignite RATINGS account, participate in the Ignite RATINGS process and have access to exclusive features of the Ignite RATINGS platform. IGNT provides a variety of benefits to the holder:

  • Income potential – every IGNT holder is eligible to receive a share of the trading gains of the Ignite MASTER INDEX by participating in the Ignite RATINGS process
  • Ignite MASTER INDEX growth – 30% of all trading gains and 100% of any income generated from assets held in the Ignite MASTER INDEX are added to the Ignite MASTER INDEX’s deployable capital base. Structuring the Ignite MASTER INDEX for growth increases the income potential and, therefore, value of IGNT through actual performance, rather than market hype
  • Ratings platform – IGNT holders have access to the Ignite RATINGS platform, a decentralised ratings and investment intelligence resource for digital assets

Ignite RATINGS Platform

The Ignite RATINGS platform will provide IGNT holders with access to:

  • Realtime ratings – generated by the Ignite HIVE. IGNT holders can take advantage of up-to-date investment intelligence
  • Ratings for upcoming ICOs – generated by the Ignite HIVE…buy into the facts, avoid the hype
  • Ongoing ratings and progress reports for existing ICOs and altcoins – generated and maintained by the Ignite HIVE
  • Charting – realtime pricing of all listed digital assets
  • Third party news feeds and business intelligence – aggregated information from popular news outlets
  • The Ignite MASTER INDEX – community members can review the composition of the MASTER INDEX and its deployable funds and interact directly with it, recommending trades, putting material changes to the community etc.

Ignite Debit Card


Ignite intends to partner with an industry-leading payment card provider to manufacture and distribute Ignite debit cards (the Ignite CARD), which will allow IGNT holders to easily withdraw and spend their rewards wherever they are in the world.

Once approved, IGNT holders will be able to transfer any rewards earned from their participation in the Ignite RATINGS programme directly to their Ignite CARD.

We are also working to secure an industry-first loyalty programme which will reward IGNT holders for using their Ignite CARD with many additional value-adding benefits.


Only IGNT holders will be able to make use of the full features of the Ignite RATINGS platform.

Due to IGNT’s finite supply, any non-IGNT holders wishing to have full access to the Ignite RATINGS platform will have to purchase IGNT on the secondary market, driving demand.