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About Us – MARKETBEATS by Taylor Boncal

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We employ a variety of marketing methods by Taylor Boncal at our disposal to ensure that the project is carried out to your specifications, quickly and cost effectively. We do this type of work among an extremely wide array of audiences including: C-level executives, employees, engineers, construction workers, mothers, financial editors, patients, seniors, teenagers and many others.


We know from experience that one size does not fit all and therefore, we take a flexible marketing approach.

We cultivate lasting relationships with our clients, immersing ourselves in your business – becoming your extended marketing arm – and strategically partnering with you in all marketing strategy, graphic design, PR and event management activities.


Marketbeats supplies high-quality marketing and pramotion services to consumer markets, advertising and business houses and management consultants with a need for a seamless local service in business-to-business and consumer markets.


We envision a client relationship that is based on trust and confidence and mutual success. It is our intention to provide Field Service for Market Research and Marketing, and provide desk research and do market research.


We focus on these some key areas of expertise



Inbox, letterbox or out of the box, it’s still direct marketing. Technology has created new ways to reach people. But the principles of direct marketing are the same.



Create a demand for your product and services by means of a good promotional and marketing campaign. A good advertisement campaign could see all your stock sold in a single day.



MARKETBEATS door-to-door marketing specialists speak directly to, and create a connection with, our clients’ potential customers at their homes, places of work, in store and at private sites and public venues, gaining the maximum reach possible for our clients.



We employ a variety of data collection methods at our disposal to ensure that the project is carried out to your specifications, quickly and cost effectively.


Marketbeats –

Our goal is to assist our client endeavor, to achieve their customer satisfaction by way of providing excellent services through Marketing, Market Research, Promotions, Surveys for Market Study & Online Research. To be the most trusted business partner provide research services and marketing services enabling our clients to build trust and loyalty throughout the experience customer itinerary. We employ a full range of promotional and marketing services to meet your marketing objectives. We combine the results of high-quality fieldwork with our experienced fieldwork team to deliver more than data, We produce, insightful, actionable results. We’ll partner with you. Our team works to fully understand your strategic objectives, which then allows them to design an appropriate methodology and carry out the marketing successfully.


Quality Management – Marketbeats

Marketbeats Fieldwork works to the following quality control procedures:

A minimum of 30% of interviews are back-checked on quantitative work
100% of completed interviews are edited on quantitative work
Respondents recruited for qualitative work are checked for suitability before fieldwork

And the following progress report procedures:

Up-to-date progress reports are supplied to clients throughout fieldwork
Reports include an overall assessment of how the project is progressing, not just the figures
Potential issues are communicated to the client immediately, with suggestions for appropriate action
Real time communication takes place with interviewers and recruiters during fieldwork


Mall & Market Promotions – MARKETBEATS


taylor boncal

We create meanful relationship between brand and people

Our team relationship with you improves your relationships with your customer.

At the heart of everything we do is creativity driven by strategy. Strategies that deliver meaningful, memorable experiences and help create natural, honest and straightforward relationships. Relationships that matter. Relationships that last.


In partnership with you, we decide which of these services – or combinations thereof – best help build your Brand

Mall & Market Promotions and Retail Activation Marketing

Generate shopper attention, engagement, store visits and actions with creative Retail Activation Marketing ideas


Retail Activation Marketing is the deployment of a wide range of custom ideas, events and experiential activations to generate local retail store awareness, visits, engagement and sales.

Retail Activation Marketing can engage shoppers in store, on-the-streets of cities, inside malls and other strategic locations.

Marketbeats assists with retail marketing activation ideas, event production & logistics, staffing, mall or city permits, retail event promotion and overseeing the implementation consumer engagement activities.


We are particularly well versed in generating and executing Retail Activation Marketing ideas on the streets of Pune and Mumbai.

Brand ambassadors are typically deployed with every Retail Activation Marketing to engage people throughout malls, directly outside shops and/or on-the-street near store locations. The role of brand ambassadors attract, inform and engage shoppers about in-store events, sales and experiential marketing activities.


Fieldwork Services – MARKETBEATS

Teamsearch Fieldwork are a complete data collection partner, supporting over Big MR agencies in providing extremely competitive, high quality senior  fieldwork solutions.

Our specialist international consumer and business, survey and recruitment teams undertake thousands of CATI & online interviews each and every week.

We offer quantitative and qualitative, consumer and business-to-business fieldwork at competitive prices.


Marketbeats can offer a cost effective solution to Research Agencies and Consultancies who do not run their own field-force or who require additional capacity:

Competitive and fast turnaround of quotation requests

Personal service – named contact at marketbeats to develop and control study

Fast, efficient turnaround of fieldwork

Choice of data output

Regular updates and feedback on progress of fieldwork



Marketbeats guarantees a 24-hour turnaround on quotation requests, so for a free competitive quotation for all aspects of data collection and our interviewing and field resources please contact info



We recruit everyone free find..never the same respondent twice

We don’t just stop at recruitment..we engage (secret recipe I’m afraid)..you receive, and only pay for, ‘x’ engaged and confirmed respondents rather than just ‘x’ recruits

We get respondents citing us as examples of great customer service (unsolicited we might add) in focus groups

We can, and have, recruited everyone from senior B2B decision makers and surgeons to hard to find consumers and low incidence patient groups..covering