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At Ignite, our mission is clear: we aim to completely disrupt and decentralise the traditional investment ratings process through community, innovation, leveraging crowd-sourced cooperation and the deployment of proprietary AI technologies.
Ignite (IGNT & IGNX)

Ignite (IGNT & IGNX)

Our twin tokens. IGNT is a non-tradable token, its holders are members of the Ignite HIVE and are entitled to participate in the Ignite RATINGS programme, as well as benefit from the performance of the Ignite INDEX; while IGNX holders are free to trade their tokens on the open market, but will not receive any platform benefits. IGNX can be converted to IGNT at a fixed rate of 100:1


Our decentralised, socially interactive, self-regulating, incorruptible investment intelligence and performance-based ratings system. Ignite RATINGS collates the opinions and sentiments of its individual users and generates a dynamic, real-time, crowdsourced ratings score for assets, affording greater weight and influence to reputable users
Ignite INDEX

Ignite INDEX

Our decentralised, peer-reviewed and community-managed index and source of community rewards. The Ignite INDEX is powered by, and directly linked to, the Ignite RATINGS platform - aligning ratings with real-world performance for the first time
Ignite HIVE

Ignite HIVE

Our collective consciousness, our hive mind. In participating in the Ignite RATINGS programme, IGNT holders pool and share their knowledge, experience and opinions, leveraging collective intelligence for the benefit of all individuals

Aligned Incentivisation

No conflicts of interest. The Ignite RATINGS community does not receive financial incentives from token/coin issuers in return for ratings. Instead, the HIVE is rewarded by Ignite on a performance basis – if performance correlates with rating, our members prosper


No market-chasing “after the fact” ratings adjustments. Deploying the wisdom of the crowd, the Ignite RATINGS community keeps its collective ear to the ground, absorbing and redistributing information in real-time, which equals fluid, real-time ratings for digital assets


No secret handshakes. The Ignite RATINGS platform has been built with transparency in mind. All interactions with the Ignite RATINGS platform are accessible to platform users, meaning that anyone can review their historical ratings, track their reputation evolution, review their ratings performance, review Ignite INDEX performance etc
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Why we need Ignite RATINGS


Unbiased ratings

Currently, those wishing to invest in “the crypto space” have very limited third party resources to assist them in making investment decisions. The vast majority of reviews or ratings of ICOs/STOs are highly subjective (often the opinion of one individual), and tainted by the fact that the reviewer/rater has been paid by the projects they are rating. This fundamentally flawed business model is the same as that which has had a considerable part to play in more than one financial collapse in the past few decades, and is so drastically misaligned with the ethos of transparency and decentralisation promoted by blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, as to be completely incompatible

No more conflicts of interest

The Ignite RATINGS model avoids any such conflicts by ensuring all interests are aligned – ratings become more impartial, more honest and more powerful through the collaboration of the crowd, while those looking to raise funding via token offerings are encouraged to be more transparent and more professional in their approach

Transparent operations

In order to properly incentivise its community of raters, Ignite has established the Ignite INDEX. IGNT holders effectively become fund managers for the Ignite INDEX, as ratings generated by the Ignite RATINGS platform determine how and when the Index capital is deployed. In return for lending their wisdom to the Ignite INDEX, 50% of all trading gains is distributed back to the Ignite HIVE, while a minimum of 30% of all trading gains is reinvested into the Ignite INDEX, growing its deployable capital base
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Platform demonstrations, tutorials, announcements, “Breakfast with Ignite” – the Ignite YouTube channel is already filled with great content for you to enjoy, with plenty more to come. Subscribe to our Channel to make sure you are notified of all future video releases.

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Convert IGNX to IGNT

Have you purchased IGNX and wish to convert your tokens to IGNT? Perhaps you want to temporarily liquidate some of your IGNT holdings, by converting them to IGNX. Our online conversion tool makes the process simple and easy

Easy token conversion

With full Web3 integration, our conversion tool is designed to work at the press of a button. To take advantage of our Web3 compatibility, you will need a Web3-enabled browser, such as Mist, Parity or Trust Wallet; or a Web3 browser extension, such as MetaMask

No Web3 Integration? No Problem...

Our conversion guide will walk you through the manual conversion process which can be undertaken with a number of Ethereum interfaces, such as MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto

Security first

Our conversion process is entirely controlled by smart contract, with no need to deposit tokens with Ignite. You control your tokens, you control your private keys, the smart contract takes care of the rest

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