6 Top IoT Garden Essentials For Fully Automating Your Garden

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The home garden is often an understated area that’s never given a thought in tech-savvy terms. However, as the world continues to transform for the greater good, the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought some major transformations to our lifestyles.


IoT makes life simple and accessible, even if we are far away from home yet maintains high-quality standards of living to our present abode. Nonetheless, the garden being a major of our lives has not been left behind. We listed some amazing IoT devices for your garden that are bound to simplify your life:


Wi-Fi Connected Mailbox For Your Garden

Once upon a time, old-fashioned red-colored mail-vans use to regularly yet accurately deliver mail, be it rain, hail, or sunshine. Something was charming and appealing about receiving handwritten letters and notes, sent by loved ones. Then email made a grand entry, whooshing all competition away.


Now since we have come full circle, you can install smart mailboxes outside your homes in the garden to control your snail mail daily. These mailboxes are usually solar-powered and connected to your home Wi-Fi. Hence, these are ready to send notifications to the owner when it has received new mail while providing access to the person(s), inputted to receive large deliveries from the courier.


Patio Wi-Fi Boosters Placed In The Garden

Wi-Fi boosters are a common feature increasingly found in outdoor spaces since internet users increasingly want Wi-Fi connections to be up and running at all times. Sometimes the normal fiber optic connection would slog and have network issues. In such cases, all it needs is a little energy boost from the system. If you are parenting teenagers, always attached to their cell phones, chances are, they would want their connection to speed up a bit, if your connection is slow.


However, with the pandemic upon us and distance learning becoming a norm; internet connection becomes one’s topmost priority. With heavy internet users such as students, some of the best internet connections can become slow. In that case, installing Wi-Fi boosters may be one of the smart decisions that you may have undertaken!


Video Doorbells For That Extra Layer of Safety

If you are looking to install CCTV cameras to add another blanket of safety across your turf, install a video doorbell. This device is supposed to play a dual role, work as a surveillance camera and alert you if any suspicious person(s) or activity takes place in the neighborhood. The camera comes with a built-in audio/video feature so every time, somebody rings a bell, and his or her image will be clicked and recorded. A small phone is also attached next to the doorbell. Therefore, if somebody rings the bell, you can see their picture for optimal identification and speak to them for further verification. Additionally, these also come with an alarm system, making the ideal security device.


Wi-Fi Enabled Music Outdoor Lights

Music streaming outdoor lights are a fun feature that you can add to your garden for a more pleasing experience. Not only would this add a lovely aesthetic look to your garden, but this can also be an amazing conversation starter with new neighbors.


Moreover, you can set them to switch on as soon as dusks fall upon the sky, leaving the area of the front porch, covered in a lovely hue of dim light. You can also add the extra feature of light cams that can catch any suspicious movement on camera, as soon as the floodlights open.


Installation of Smart Sprinklers In Your Front Yard

While sprinklers are not new by any means but they have been upgraded with the addition of these coming with built-in sensors and a mobile app that can monitor how much water has been dispersed in the garden so far. Smart sprinklers provide the user with additional advantages such as robust functionality.


Even if you are not available at home, you can still ensure that your garden is appropriately watered by activating these smart sprinklers from your smartphone. These smart sprinklers are even far more effective as they collect basic data such as weather conditions in the region and soil reports for efficient maintenance of the green space.


Weather Sensors To Boost Your Garden Health

Another IoT gadget that has generated a lot of interest among garden enthusiasts is Wi-Fi-powered weather sensors that can identify factors that will make your garden shine! These sensors are meant to monitor the temperature, humidity, and wind direction of the area to determine the health of your garden. You can apply this knowledge to your garden and see how lush and green it becomes.


The Bottom Line

Before embarking on any home project, have a detailed discussion with your family to know their viewpoints as well. Sometimes they may raise such suggestions that will be far more practical and easier to incorporate in the home project. Achieving smart goals may be the aim but it’s better to educate family members on the need for such a massive home system upgrade.


On the other hand, the internet is no longer a side option and has become as essential to one’s wellbeing as necessities such as food and water. While adding trending IoT devices and gadgets will automate your life but that is not possible without an internet connection that doesn’t come with network issues or other problems. We recommend that you select an internet service connection such as Centurylink internet for fast and reasonable connectivity so that you can enjoy the fancy edits that you have made to your garden!